Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions for PrimeLearn.

PrimeLearn is an Academic Learning Support platform that provides pupils, learners, students and undergraduates to get opportunity to fully conceptualise and internalise knowledge thus enabling them to acquire excellent grades and long term retention.
PrimeLearn does not certify and does not conduct official /formal assessment.

To view PrimeLearn learning videos, one has to pay per view. PrimeLearn is not liable for ones failure to understand and will mot refund for it.
Apart from total absence of a video, PrimeLearn will not refund for failure to view due to other causes like power failure, low data , weak network, noise, etc.

Users are expected to be computer literate and able ti explore PrimeLearn on their own.

Teachers, Lectures and other Instructors that join PrimeLearn to provide services to the public will do after entering an agreement with PrimeLearn.

All work on PrimeLearn is based on the Uganda Curriculum and the laws of the government of Uganda are the ones PrimeLearn follows.

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